What the future holds for future generations over 60s?

People nowadays is living longer and there is a decreasing childbirth, as a result an increasing aging population is experienced around the world. Socio-economic challenges are involved on providing healthcare for elders and SENDoc project is focused on finding out how health technology and remote rehabilitation can change the actual health delivery models and how the actual stated of off-the-shelf technologies is perceived so far by end-users (elders, patients, physiotherapists and health care practitioners). However, it is also important to understand how life will look like for the future generations of elders in terms of their context, e.g. fashion, entertainment, technology, health and attitudes. This is captured satisfactorily in the article entitled “What can we expect from the future generations of over 60s?” by Age UK. To read this article please visit:https://www.ageukmobility.co.uk/mobility-news/article/what-to-expect-from-future-over-60s