About the Project

SENDoc is a project which includes partners from UK, Finland, Sweden and Ireland. The project was developed based on common territorial challenges that exist across the NPA. In particular, SENDoc will focus on the problem of healthcare in sparsely populated areas. The project will involve clinical and sensor expertise as well as policy actors. In this way SENDoc will bring transnational insight alongside an exchange on diverse national healthcare challenges.

As a potential solution to problems with healthcare in sparsely populated areas, SENDoc aims is to evaluate the use of wearable sensor systems in ageing communities in northern remote areas. One of the key innovations of SENDoc will be that sensors will be utilised to measure mobility, strength and balance, in order to support independent living in rural communities. SENDoc will focus on changing existing rehabilitation programmes. It will transfer research and development in wearable systems, apply connected healthcare concepts, put in place community networks, create platforms where data and experiences can be shared and supported, capture data through innovative sensor wearable software systems, measure impact on health, test technical and social acceptability, and test the functionality in cold climate conditions.