SENDoc work presented at CERC 2020

SENDoc researcher Richard Davies presented his exciting paper entitled "Exploratory Gait Analysis using Wearable Technology" at the Collaborative European Research Conference 2020, held on 11th September 2020. The paper presents some of the exploratory work on gait analysis using the Xsens IMU system conducted for the SENDoc project. The abstract of the paper is below. 

Abstract. Gait analysis is a rapidly expanding and evolving research area with application to biomechanics and rehabilitation. Current wearable technology that can be used to collect gait information is becoming more accessible in terms of cost and usability compared to lab counterparts which can be expensive and re- quire training to setup and use. This paper provides an exploratory analysis of knee angle versus angular velocity of the lower leg for six healthy participants for at four walking speeds (1.8 km/h, 2.7 km/h, 4.5 km/h, 5.4 km/h) on a treadmill and walking over the ground at 3.9 km, using the Xsens Inertial Measurement Unit. These phase portraits provide a rich data source for qualitative comparison. In future objective gait analysis based on suggested gait parameters can aid with rehabilitation of dysfunctional gait.