SENDoc team presents work at Stroke Boot Camp 2021

The SENDoc team were invited to present their findings from research on technology for rehabilitation at the Stroke Boot Camp 2021,  organised by Dr. Alison Porter-Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Sciences at Ulster University. The boot camp lasted one week, from 14th - 18th June and was attended by more than 350 rehabilitation staff. The SENDoc team presented on Thursday afternoon (17th), where Dr. Daniel Kelly give an overview of a prospective falls model using an off-the-shelf wearable sensor developed during the SENDoc project, Richard Davies spoke about IMU's and wearable insoles for post-stroke gait analysis, and Dr. Karla Munoz-Esquivel presented the ViMove sensor technology for axial spondyloarthritis patients. Additional presentations from John Barton on a wearable glove for Parkinson's Disease patients and Antti Alamaki on the G-walk system / Movesole system for gait analysis were uploaded to the boot camp website, and can be viewed here. The SENDoc session at the boot camp ended with an audience Q&A for our researchers on the panel.