SENDoc team prepares innovative closing video

How do you produce a project round up video in the middle of a global pandemic?

Originally, it was the SENDoc teams plan to capture interviews and content for the closing video at the final physical conference which was due to be hosted by our partners at the Tyndall National Institute, Cork in April 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic any notion of travelling or physical conferences were soon halted, and thus also any opportunities to film our partners talk about the project and give demonstrations of the SENDoc technology. The SENDoc team brainstormed for a solution and decided that they would use a combination of technology solutions to deliver as engaging and informative a closing video as possible. Utilising HD mobile phone cameras and zoom, James from the SENDoc team has started interviewing each of the partners while they sit in the comfort of their own homes. The footage will be compiled and send to a video production company who will handle the production of the final video. Antti from the Physiotherapy team at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences has been the first volunteer to give a SENDoc interview. We can't wait to see the final video when it is completed!