SENDoc exhibited at "Unlocking Innovations in Digital Health" - Northern Ireland Health Ecosystems

SENDoc team assisted the Unlocking Innovations in Digital Health event organised by Northern Ireland Health Ecosystems (ECHAlliance). This event took place at the Wolfson Institute of Experimental Medicine,  Queen's University Belfast.

On the exhibition, SENDoc team had the opportunity of speaking about the work that has been conducted so far on remote rehabilitation using wearable wireless technologies. On this project we are working with patients from different cohorts, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's disease, frailty, amputees and post-stroke. We had about 15 visitors at the stand and from them three people were very interested on keeping in touch with us and knowing about project updates.

SENDoc team specifically demonstrated a wearable wireless sensor system comprised of IMU sensors connected through RFID to the computer. This system is used in our project to measure range of movement of spondylitis patients. A part of pamphlets, SENDoc team also brought new advertising material to the event: pens and notebooks, which were very popular among attendants.