SENDoc disseminated at IGS 2019 and wins two prizes

The 67th Irish Gerontology Society (IGS) Conference – entitled Innovation, Advances and Excellence in Ageing - was held from the 26th to the 28th September 2019 at the Clayton Hotel Silversprings in Cork, Ireland. Members of the SENDoc project attended this event to disseminate the research of SENDoc and came away with two conference prizes.

John Barton, from Tyndall-UCC, and Lorna Kenny, from UCC, delivered platform presentations at the 67th Irish Gerontology Society (IGS) Conference, where they disseminated research work carried out on the SENDoc project. The first platform presentation was entitled: "An exploration of the feasibility and acceptability of wearable technology in Parkinson’s Disease" – Lorna Kenny, Clíona O’Riordan, Tony Wilkinson, Mary O’Sullivan, Janis Agurjanovs, Salvatore Tedesco, Marco Sica, Colum Crowe, John Barton, Suzanne Timmons, which has been published in the journal Age and Ageing. This presentation went on to pick up the winner of the best platform presentation award at the conference. The second presentation was entitled "Accuracy of off the shelf activity trackers in ambulatory settings in young and old adults" – John Barton, Suzanne Timmons, Salvatore Tedesco, Marco Sica, Colum Crowe, Brendan O’Flynn, which has been published in the prestigious PLOS ONE journal. One poster was also presented at this conference, entitled "User preferences for the design of wearable technology systems – a scoping review" Clíona O’Riordan, Lorna Kenny, Salvatore Tedesco, Marco Sica, Colum Crowe, John Barton, Suzanne Timmons, Brendan O’Flynn -- which also appears in the Age and Aging journal. This poster went on to win Best Poster award at the conference.

Great work team SENDoc!