Health Challenges and COVID: Enabling Monitoring, Exercise and Rehabilitation using Wearables day 2

The second of our two part webinar series took place on 17th Dec 2020, where SENDoc researchers Dr. Daniel Kelly, Dr. Karla Muñzo-Esquivel and Richard Davies from the Ulster Computer Science team and Antti Alamäki from the Karelia Physiotherapy team presented findings from 3 years of transnational research on monitoring, exercise, and rehabilitation using wearable sensors. For those who missed the webinar, including a lively panel discussion, the complete event has been uploaded to our youtube channel. Feel free to give it a listen here!

Talk Titles

Ulster: Wearables: Data to Clinical Meaning

Karelia: Remote Home Rehabilitation Practice - Lessons Learned in Finland

We were also fortunate enough to have Prof. Suzanne Timmons, Prof. Peter Nordström, and Geraldine Lavery from the SENDoc Technical Advisory Group join us for our panel discussion, along with Dr. Holly Parker, Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives at the University of New England, Maine, USA.